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Artspan - Contemporary art

Artspan - Contemporary art

Founded in 1999, Artspan is a major contemporary art destination and the leading provider of premium artist, artisan and photographers websites. Individual Artspan member sites have their own domain names and can be reached by simply entering the domain name in the browser search window. They are also accessible with the Artspan keywords and categories searches, and can be found through the alphabetical, regional and category/subcategory Directories. Member work is also seen on the Portals pages, which serve as gateways to resources associated with distinct genres, media and regions.

Artspan members are professional artists and artisans, and their sites show only original work and prints.

Visitors find because of its visibility and high search engine rankings. They then go through to the Artspan member sites by clicking on the images showing in the search results pages or in the directories.





Hello dear Friend of Art:

 It is my pleasure to announce our FIARTE/Arteuropa 2011 (1/4/2011)

 If you are interested to participateplease have a look at the conditions and send your works. 

With my best wishes from Coimbra. 


Mamede Albuquerque

 MAC´s President